April 16, 2017 1:00 pm

Happy Easter! Enjoy this brief Art & Film Meditation on this glorious day! He is risen. He is truly risen! Eugène Burnand invites us along as Peter and John run to the empty tomb on Easter morning. In front of a resplendent dawning sky and rushing through a pastoral landscape, Peter and John are hurrying toward the site of Jesus’ burial. Peter, bearded, older, and wearing somber colors, wears a complex expression. In his face is the story of his experience of the Passion, the shock and anxiety, the fear and desperation, the guilt and heartbreak. His is an exhausted face that lived this experience. His body moves toward the tomb, but his spirit is conflicted—fearing the worst about the missing body, daring to hope but torn by the fact that he has denied the Lord. What if his body has been taken—when will the torture of these events stop? But what if he is risen? And what will happen now?
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