2019- 2020 Class times are as follows:

Tuesdays Grades 1- 4          4:00- 5:30

Wednesdays Grades 5- 8     4:00- 5:30

Check the bulletin for start dates.

Use the link below to access the form, or stop by the Rectory for a copy.

The regular registration period has now ended. Registrations made after June 28 will incur an additional fee of $25 per child registered.

NO registrations will be taken after Friday, August 30.

Payments are to be made by PayPal or CHECK, payable to:  

St. Margaret Religious Education Program.

Registrations can be mailed to the Religious Education Program Office care of St. Margaret Catholic Academy: 66-10 80th Street Middle Village, NY 11379.




Religious Education is the opportunity for students to come together and learn more about their faith with their peers as a church community.  This is for students not enrolled in the Academy.  Religious Education, or sometimes called CCD is offered for children in grades  1 – 8.  Our program incorporates Sacrament preparation (which is at least two years).  Children attend classes on Wednesdays each year throughout their school years.  If you are new to our program, we invite you to visit, call, or email, and ask any questions you have.  Faith Formation is a life long journey and children should participate in the program each year.  We aim to be a community on the journey together.  For a glimpse click here

Again, we welcome all new students to visit, e-mail stmargaretre@gmail.com for more information or any questions you have.   If your child was not Baptized at St. Margaret, or new to the program, please be able to submit your child’s Baptismal certificate.

To pay registration fees, or pay for anything pertaining to religious education, (Confirmation/Communion/Special Events through our office), you may submit a check to St. Margaret Church or by using our PayPal option below. Cash will not be accepted.