March 6, 2017 5:05 pm

Lenten Almsgiving
Looking to do something extra for Lent. St. Margaret is reaching out to help the following organizations this Lenten Season.

Water (International Help Missionaries)
For Lent, the children of our parish will be learning about the dire water situation in countries in Africa and South America. As a result, they are collecting coins throughout Lent in order to help small towns in these countries build a well. Feel free to learn more about this project and contribute yourself if you like.

International Help of Missionaries > Home
This simple plea started a project that saved and improved the lives of hundreds of people in Manso Nkwanta in Ghana, West Africa. With your help, many more lives can …

Bridge to Life
We invite you to pick up an envelope in Church marked, “Bridge to Life”. This money goes to help women in need.